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Fast curing steel-filled epoxy putty for dependable emergency repairs & quick maintenance work.

  • High Temperature resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High Compression strength
  • Non-rusting, machinable to a metallic finish

Fast curing Steel-Filled Epoxy Putty

Fast curing steel-filled epoxy putty for dependable emergency repairs & quick maintenance work.


Repairs cracks and breaks in equipment, machinery or castings

Patches and rebuilds blow holes or pits in castings

Rebuilds worn equipment, pump and valve bodies

Restores bearing journals and races

Low pressure leakages in pipelines/tanks carrying oil/compressed air/gas/chemicals

Oil leakages in transformers, capacitors & reactors

Leakage from gear box covers, sumps

Leakage from welded joints


  1. High Temperature resistance
  2. Excellent chemical resistance
  3. High Compression strength
  4. Non-rusting, machinable to a metallic finish

Available Packaging

500 g (A Part – 250 g & B Part 250 g Containers)




For complete safety and handling information, please refer to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) prior to using this product.

Directions of Use


A 12.7mm thick section of ‘MRO 8011 E PUTTY’ will harden at 21ºC in 1 hour. The material will be fully cured in 6 hours at which time the material can be machined, drilled or painted. The actual cure time of epoxy is determined by the mass used and the temperature at the time of repair.



Proper surface preparation is essential to a successful application. The following procedures should be considered:

All surfaces must be dry, clean and rough.

If surface is oily or greasy use ‘MRO 1011 KLEANER DEGREEZER’ to degrease the surface.

Remove all paint by ‘MRO 1017 PAINT REMOVER’.

Remove rust and grime from the surface by abrasive blasting or other mechanical techniques.

Aluminum repairs: Oxidation of aluminum surfaces will reduce the adhesion of an epoxy to a surface. This film must be removed before repairing the surface, by mechanical means such as grit-blasting or chemical means.

Provide a “profile” on the metal surface by roughening the surface. This should be done ideally by grit blasting (8-40 mesh grit), or by grinding with a coarse wheel or abrasive disc pad. An abrasive disc may be used provided white metal is revealed. Do not ’feather edge’ epoxy materials. Epoxy material must be ’locked in’ by defined edges and a good 3 – 5 mil profile.

Metal that has been handling sea water or other salt solutions should be grit blasted and high pressure water blasted and left overnight to allow any salts in the metal to ’sweat’ to the surface. Repeat blasting may be required to ’sweat out’ all the soluble salts. A test for chloride contamination should be performed prior to any epoxy application. The maximum soluble salts left on the substrate should be no more than 40 ppm.

Chemical cleaning with ‘MRO 1011 KLEANER DEGREEZER’ should follow all abrasive preparation. This will help to remove all traces of sandblasting, grit, oil, grease, dust or other foreign substances.

Under cold working conditions, heating the repair area to 38ºC – 43º C immediately before applying any of MRO INFRA’s Metal-filled Epoxies is recommended. This procedure dries off any moisture, contamination or solvents and assists the epoxy in achieving maximum adhesion to the substrate.

Always try to make the repair as soon as possible after cleaning the substrate, to avoid oxidation or flash rusting.



‘MRO 8071 – E Putty’ is formulated to be a dense mix that can be applied easily to overhead and vertical surfaces without running or sagging. Add the hardener to resin and mix thoroughly on a mixing board using a spatula. Do not mix in the containers.  Remember you only have a 3 minute pot life so mix for 1 minute.



For best results, product should be kept and applied at room temperature. ‘MRO 8071 – E PUTTY’ can be applied when temperatures are between 13ºC and 52ºC. Spread the putty over prepared surface with a putty knife. Press firmly to ensure maximum surface contact and avoid trapping air. To bridge large gaps or holes use fiberglass, expanded metal or other mechanical fasteners.


Read instructions on the container label of the product before use. The product safety data sheet (SDS) contains the relevant information regarding PPE, safe use, and physical & health hazards. Safety data sheet is available from MRO INFRA or your local MRO INFRA Channel Partner.


Use in well ventilated areas. Avoid continuous breathing of vapour and spray mist. In closed areas or areas with poor ventilation, use respiratory protection. For complete details on safety, short and long term exposure, refer to this product’s safety data sheet (SDS).

Shelf Life

A shelf life of 3 years from date of manufacture can be expected when stored at room temperature (22ºC) in their original containers.


All used and unused product should be disposed of in accordance with state regulations.

Limited Warranty

The information and data contained in this sheet is accurate to the best of our knowledge or is obtained from sources, tests or experiences believed by us to be reliable and accurate. User is responsible for determining whether recommended MRO INFRA product is fit for a particular purpose. All products should be tested for suitability on a particular application prior to actual use. We make no representations of any kind. Data offered without warranty.

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