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‘MRO 1020 – Brite Galva’ is a high performance zinc coating designed to provide true galvanic corrosion protection to metals and stop rusting and rust creepage.

  • Repairs damaged hot dip galvanized surfaces
  • Fast air-drying and offers protection of hot dip galvanizing
  • Very high purity zinc in film
  • Brilliant metallic finish to that of hot dip galvanizing
  • Highly abrasion resistant film does not peel off
  • Offers long-term protection
  • Prevents rust & corrosion
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 Structural steels

Transmission towers

Welding seams


Relay towers

Piping & ductings

Offshore equipment

Nuclear & power plants


Metal fabrication

Industrial maintenance

Touch up to damaged galvanized coatings

  1. Repairs damaged hot dip galvanized surfaces
  2. Fast air-drying and offers protection of hot dip galvanizing
  3. Very high purity zinc in film
  4. Brilliant metallic finish to that of hot dip galvanizing
  5. Highly abrasion resistant film does not peel off
  6. Offers long-term protection
  7. Prevents rust & corrosion

500 ml Aerosol Can

Contains flammable solvents. Do not spray near naked flame, hot surfaces or energized equipment. Use with adequate ventilation.

Shake aerosol can very well for at least one minute after agitator ball is free. Repeat frequently while using.

Apply to a clean, degreased, dry surface for best results. Remove rust and scale with a wire brush.

Apply in light, even coats; best results are obtained with 2 lighter coat of each 25 micron (1 mil) rather than 1 heavy coat. Additional coats can be applied after 5-10 minutes.

Drying time to touch is about 10-15 minutes, to handle is about one hour and for complete cure is about 24 hours. Flush away paint products or product residues in the dip tube of the valve by cleaning it.

When spraying is finished, clean aerosol valve by turning can upside down and press button until only propellant escapes. If clogging occurs, remove button and clean orifice with fine wire.

Read instructions on the container label of the product before use. The product safety data sheet (SDS) contains the relevant information regarding PPE, safe use, and physical & health hazards. Safety data sheet is available from MRO INFRA or your local MRO INFRA Channel Partner.

Use in well ventilated areas. Avoid continuous breathing of vapour and spray mist. In closed areas or areas with poor ventilation, use respiratory protection. For complete details on safety, short and long term exposure, refer to this product’s safety data sheet (SDS).

24 months from date of manufacture.

All used and unused product should be disposed of in accordance with state regulations.

The information and data contained in this sheet is accurate to the best of our knowledge or is obtained from sources, tests or experiences believed by us to be reliable and accurate. User is responsible for determining whether recommended MRO INFRA product is fit for a particular purpose. All products should be tested for suitability on a particular application prior to actual use. We make no representations of any kind. Data offered without warranty.

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Click to Download TDS: MRO 1019 – Antisieze Compound



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