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‘MRO 1018 – KARBON KLEANER’ uniquely penetrates & ‘lifts-off’ carbonaceous coatings, thick varnishes, dirt, acrylic coatings, adhesives. Does not contain acids, caustics or toxic solvents. Does not contain any CFCs or ODCs.

  • Minimizes labor input.
  • Safe alternate to toxic products/ abrasives.
  • User Safe.
  • Surface safe.
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Used for removal of Carbon deposits from make-break contactors, relays, commutators, insulators, bus-bars.

Removing varnishes & adhesives when overhauling electric motors, cleaning flash over residues.

Removing acrylic conformal coatings from pcb cards.

Removing carbon from Engine, burner, spark plug etc.

  1. Minimizes labor input.
  2. Safe alternate to toxic products/ abrasives.
  3. User Safe.
  4. Surface safe.

500 ml Aerosol Can

‘MRO 1018 – Karbon Kleaner’ will remove paint and mar plastic surfaces.

DO NOT USE on plastics, plastic tiles, linoleum or fibers.

Contains flammable solvents and propellant.

Do not spray near naked flame, hot surfaces or energized equipment. Use with adequate ventilation.

Hold Can upright 25 to 30 cm from gasket area to be sprayed.

Spray area to be stripped – the heavier the coat, the better

Allow 5 to 10 minutes for foaming action of ‘MRO 1018 – Karbon Kleaner’ to destroy old gasket.

Remove old gasket or gasket cement with a scraper or putty knife. Wipe flange clean with a rag. Repeat procedure if necessary.

Prior to assembly with new gasket, spray all surfaces clean with a suitable cleaner, e.g. ‘MRO 1011 – Kleaner Degreezer’

After use, turn can upside down and spray for 3 seconds to clear actuator.

Read instructions on the container label of the product before use. The product safety data sheet (SDS) contains the relevant information regarding PPE, safe use, and physical & health hazards. Safety data sheet is available from MRO INFRA or your local MRO INFRA Channel Partner.

Use in well ventilated areas. Avoid continuous breathing of vapour and spray mist. In closed areas or areas with poor ventilation, use respiratory protection. For complete details on safety, short and long term exposure, refer to this product’s safety data sheet (SDS).

24 months from date of manufacture .Store product in the unopened container in a dry location.

All used and unused product should be disposed of in accordance with state regulations.

The information and data contained in this sheet is accurate to the best of our knowledge or is obtained from sources, tests or experiences believed by us to be reliable and accurate. User is responsible for determining whether recommended MRO INFRA product is fit for a particular purpose. All products should be tested for suitability on a particular application prior to actual use. We make no representations of any kind. Data offered without warranty.

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Click to Download TDS:  MRO 1018 – Karbon Kleaner

Click to Download MSDS:  MSDS MRO 1018 – KARBON KLEANER


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