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‘MRO 1000 – Mekanik’ is a fast acting industrial grade lubricant, rust penetrant and corrosion inhibitor.

  • Multifunctional formula lubricates all sliding and moving parts with a long lasting thin oily lubricating film.
  • Rapidly penetrates minute cracks & pores to displace trapped moisture.
  • Penetrates deeply through rust to loosen scale & corroded or frozen parts.
  • Leaves a thin, long lasting film, to prevent formation of rust or corrosion.
  • Cleans & removes oils, greases & other light contaminants.
  • Provides greaseless, non staining, silicone free lubrication and protection.
  • Contains safe non flammable CO2 propellant.
  • 360° Valve allows product to be sprayed in any position even inverted.
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A product as versatile as this has hundreds of multipurpose uses in all types of industrial, marine, aviation, electrical /electronic, electromechanical, commercial and domestic applications.

Lubrication: Thin, non-drying protective oily film effectively lubricates moving parts such as tuners, micro switches, power tools, automation equipment, locks and vending machines.

Rust Penetration: For rapidly loosening tight, rusted or frozen components with high penetrating action.

Moisture Displacement: Rapidly dries wet ignitions & removes trapped moisture from electrical/electronic systems.

Corrosion Protection: For dies, jigs, tools, relays, connectors, switches, instruments, finished welds, casings, shafts, motors, and freshly machined surfaces.

Cleaner: For dissolving and removing grease, oil, and other light contaminants.

Prevention: Of entry of further moisture.

  1. The multifunctional formula lubricates all sliding and moving parts with a long-lasting thin oily lubricating film.
  2. Rapidly penetrates minute cracks and pores to displace trapped moisture.
  3. Penetrates deeply through rust to loosen scale and corroded or frozen parts.
  4. Leaves a thin, long-lasting film, film to prevent the formation of rust or corrosion.
  5. Cleans & removes oils, greases, and other light contaminants.
  6. Provides greaseless, nonstaining, silicone-free lubrication and protection.
  7. Contains safe nonflammable CO2 propellant.
  8. 360° Valve allows the product to be sprayed in any position even inverted.

500 ml Aerosol Can

Contains flammable solvents. Do not spray near a naked flame, hot surfaces or energized equipment. Use with adequate ventilation

For penetration into rusted surface spray liberally. Allow solvents to penetrate and free rusted parts. Period for penetration may vary depending upon the length of time the product has been rusted for and in some cases may even take up to hours. Use an absorbent rag or a brush to remove dirt, rust, scales & dust. For lubrication, spray lightly and evenly over surface area to be lubricated. For moisture displacement, spray until clear MEKANIK liquid comes out and emulsified residue is totally clear. For metal protection, spray liberally and do not wipe off protective film from the surface.

Read instructions on the container label of the product before use. The product safety data sheet (SDS) contains the relevant information regarding PPE, safe use, and physical & health hazards. Safety data sheet is available from MRO INFRA or your local MRO INFRA Channel Partner.

Use in well ventilated areas. Avoid continuous breathing of vapour and spray mist. In closed areas or areas with poor ventilation, use respiratory protection. For complete details on safety, short and long term exposure, refer to this product’s safety data sheet (SDS).

24 months from date of manufacture

All used and unused product should be disposed of in accordance with state regulations.

The information and data contained in this sheet is accurate to the best of our knowledge or is obtained from sources, tests or experiences believed by us to be reliable and accurate. User is responsible for determining whether recommended MRO INFRA product is fit for a particular purpose. All products should be tested for suitability on a particular application prior to actual use. We make no representations of any kind. Data is offered without warranty.

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Corrosivity, maximum weight Magnesium, Cadmium, Zinc Aluminium, Copper, Brass

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Neutral salt fog protection, minimum 336 hours



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Click to Download TDS: MRO 1000 – Mekanik

Click to Download MSDS: MSDS MRO 1000 – MEKANIK


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